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Abrasion Digital Ink Rub Tester Measure scuffing or rubbing resistance. Tests include dry rub, wet rub, wet smear and more. Three speeds, automatic shut-off. Heated weight option for hot abrasion testing. Digital Ink Rub Tester photo. 10-18
Abrasion Taber Rotary Abraser Test wear and durability of ceramics, plastics, textiles, flooring, paper, metals and coated surfaces. Single and dual sample table models. Taber Abraser photo. 10-38
Abrasion Taber Linear Abraser Test the wear resistance of materials using a linear motion. Any size or shape sample can be tested. Taber Linear Abraser photo. 10-42
Abrasion Taber Reciprocating Abraser The Taber® Reciprocating Abraser (Model 5900) includes a counterbalanced arm which pivots on an adjustable height gantry system. The counterweight allows the user to balance the test arm, ensuring precise test load set-up regardless of the attachment.. Taber Abraser photo. 10-50
Friction Lab Master Slip & Friction Computer controlled elevator for sled placement, orientation, dwell time and removal in accordance with ISO std. Measure slip and friction for coated material including paper, film, plastic, rubber and other flat material. Display slip and friction curves over test period. Heated bed option. Lab Master Slip and Friction tester photo. 32-90
Friction Lab Measure Slip & Friction Measure slip and friction for paper, film, plastic, rubber, coatings and other flat material. Display slip and friction curves over test period. Heated bed option. Lab Measure Slip and Friction tester photo. 32-70
Friction Monitor/Slip & Friction Measure static and kinetic COF in one operation. Selectable speed and travel distance. Heated plated option. Monitor/Slip and Friction tester photo. 32-07
Hardness Paper Roll Hardness Tester Portable instrument measures hardness of large rolls of paper to ensure smooth and efficient printing. Paper Roll Hardness Tester photo. 40-20
Hardness Digital Hardness Tester Portable instrument measures the reel hardness, hardness profile and variation in hardness. Digital Hardness Tester 40-22
Hardness Smith Roll Tightness Tester Portable, easy to use instrument determines roll winding uniformity to eliminate roll bursting or press breakdown from poorly wound rolls. Two models-for medium roll hardness (e.g. newsprint) or high roll hardness (e.g. coated stock). Smith Roll Tightness Tester photo. 40-54
Humidity Portable Sword Hygrometer Battery operated fast, accurate measurement of equilibrium relative humidity and temperature. Portable Sword Hygrometer photo. 08-06-01
Moisture Portable Moisture Meter Measure moisture up to 15% on moving or stationary rolls, stacks or reams of paper and paperboard. Portable Moisture Meter photo. 53-36
Moisture Portable Moisture Meter LGF The Portable Moisture Meter obtains instantaneous, non-destructive moisture analysis on gypsum wallboard. The Model LGF compliments the original Model LG which has been the leader in the measurement of moisture content in gypsum wallboard for over 35 years. The Model LGF is designed exclusively for gypsum wallboard. Portable Moisture Meter photo. 53-49
Moisture Portable Moisture Meter LV, LG, and LGF This series of meters is designed to allow nondestructive moisture determinations in lumber, veneers, woodwork, gypsum board, building plaster, flooring, or any other flat, solid surface product. Each instrument in the series is ruggedly constructed, lightweight, easy to use, and has solid state circuitry. Portable Moisture Meter photo. 53-48
Printability RK Rotary Koater Flexible pilot press with multiple configurations for evaluation and short print runs. RK Rotary Coater photo. 30-30
Printability Versatile Converting Machine The VCM is built using the same concepts as our Rotary Koater, an open framework, on which various standard assemblies can be fitted. This ideology enables either simple single process or more complex multiple process configurations to be readily attained VMC300 photo. VCM-300
Printability Flexiproof 100 Provides high speed production of proofs using water, solvent or UV flexographic inks. Flexiproof 100 photo. 30-60
Printability Control Coater and Proofer Motor-driven drawdown coater to evaluate application of surface coatings such as paint, varnish, adhesives and liquid ink. Options include air drive and vacuum, magnetic, glass or heated beds. Control Coater and Proofer photo. 30-01
Printability K Printing Proofer Produces high quality proofs using gravure, gravure-offset or flexo inks. Choice of gravure, flexo or both heads. K Printing Proofer photo. 30-03, 30-04,
Printability K-Lox Proofer Hand Proofer applies applies flexo inks to any substrate. Automatic version eliminates operator variability. K-Lox Proofer photo. 30-23, 30-24,
Printability K Hand Coater Manual system to apply inks to substrate. Available in small or large starter sets with choice of 8 close-wound or spiral bars. K Hand Coater photo. 30-15,
Printability Multicoater Make accurate and reproducible prints and coatings of printing inks on different substrates. Interchangeable gravure or flexo printing head. Multicoater photo. 30-06 Series
Printability Paste Ink Proofer For quick, repeatable and accurate proofing and color matching of litho and letterpress inks. Paste Ink Proofer photo. 30-25
Printability Esiproof Produce high quality flexographic proofs for spectrophotmeter readings and user approvals. Esiproof photo. 30-20 Series
Printability K Paint Applicator Accurate and repeatable application of paints. Choice of applicators and coating beds. K Paint Applicator photo. 30-27
Permeance, Porosity Densometer Measure air permeability of paper, liner, tissue with user-selectable measuring volume. Densometer photo. 58-03
Smoothness, Porosity Bekk Smoothness Tester Uses Bekk method to determine smoothness of paper and board. Optimized for ultra smooth samples. Automatic operation. Alternative test procedure selection speeds testing. Optional air permeance head. Bekk Smoothness Tester photo. 58-05
Smoothness, Porosity Monitor Smoothness Tester Measure Sheffield-type smoothness to predict print quality for a variety of sheet materials. Optional porosity measurement attachment. Monitor Smoothness Tester photo. 58-02
Smoothness, Porosity Monitor Smoothness II Tester Measures smoothness to predict print quality using existing smoothness and porosity gauges. Improve measurement accuracy of old style mercury-based systems. Monitor Smoothness II Tester photo. 58-24
Smoothness, Porosity Parker Print-Surf (Single Head) Measure smoothness of sheet materials such as paper, newsprint, films and foils under conditions similar to printing process. Standard and high resolution models. Parker Print-Surf photo. 58-06
Smoothness, Roughness, Porosity Parker Print-Surf (Dual Head) Measure smoothness of sheet materials such as paper, newsprint, films and foils under conditions similar to printing process. Standard and high resolution models. Parker Print-Surf photo. 58-07
Smoothness Roughness & Air Permeance Tester Uses Bendtsen method to determine roughness and porosity of paper and paperboard. Roughness & Air Permeance Tester photo. 58-21
Viscosity Laray Viscometer Measures the viscosity of all kinds of liquid and viscous materials. Ideal for litho printing inks. Laray Viscometer photo. 92-15
Data Acquisition and Management GraphMaster GraphMaster™ is a curve analysis and data storage program developed by the TMI Group for evaluating materials strength such as tensile, compression, peel, burst and bending resistance. The software automatically captures and reports force, pressure, position, bending angle or time during a testing sequence based on the output of the interfaced instrument. 03-84 GraphMaster 03-84
Service Preventative Maintenance and Calibration Maintain optimal performance of test equipment with scheduled, on-site service Preventative Maintenance and Calibration Service photo. 04-10
Service Set-up and Training, Extended Warranty Assistance with instrument setup and training and the protection of extended warranties for new and repaired units is available. Contact your nearest Sales Office.
Spare parts, accessories and consumables Test rings, fixtures, mounting plates and more. Keep your instruments at peak performance with original equipment calibration products, accessories and replacement parts. Contact your nearest Sales Office.
Other Many general purpose instruments can also be used to test inks and printability.
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