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NEW! Enhancements to TMI Thickness Testers!

TMI has just released new versions of its affordable digital micrometer series for accurately testing thickness of very thin materials. Model 49-86 and Model 49-87 now include advanced diagnostics and reporting functions, allowing the user to measure and store multiple readings, provide a cross machine profile, and save up to 100 readings during a continuous measurement.
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49-86 Digital Micrometer / 49-87 Digital Micrometer

TMI Conducts Workshop with Southeast Asia and China Sales Partners

Testing Machines Inc., (TMI) an Industrial Physics company, recently organized a South East Asia and China Sales workshop to offer sales and service support to the company’s new distribution channels.

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NEW! Coefficient of Friction Tester

Our NEW 32-76 coefficient of friction tester uses advanced digital force signaling and high speed data acquisition software providing unmatched precision and repeatability in COF testing. Improved features include a 7” color touchscreen display and intuitive software user interface for easy navigation and test method storage.

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TMI Introduces New Plastics Testing Catalog

Testing Machines Inc. has just published a comprehensive new product catalog on its line of testing instruments for flexible and rigid plastics. The catalog also includes contacts for the company's extensive customer support team to assist buyers with selection, calibration, installation and service of TMI products.

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NEW! Elmendorf Tear Tester with 7" touchscreen

The model 83-76 is an automated tear tester equipped with an optical encoder for measuring the angular position of the pendulum during tearing and converting this measurement to tear units.  A large, full-color touchscreen display with easy-to-use software provides a revolutionary new approach to testing and data review.
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