Corrugated Testing

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TMI is a long term market leader in manufacturing of all types of corrugated test equipment for testing the corrugated board and boxes or even testing the individual flutes in the corrugated wall.  Our testers can handle many types of testing from flat crush, compression, burst, and bond strength through edge crush (ECT) testers and more. 

Some of TMI’s most popular corrugated testers are:

To find testers: Select “roughness” under “surface property” to find several units that can be used as Corrugated Roughness Testers (or select the 58-27 directly. Or select “Burst/Crush” under the physical strength category below: You can add these fixtures to TMI’s 17-76 compression tester (or some competitor models) to make an edge crush tester, a flat crush tester, or other corrugated fixtures for Ring Crush Testing, Pin Adhesion tests, Short span Compression, and the Concora Medium test.

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