Railroad - Wheel Slip Slide Tester


The Portable Automatic Railroad Wheel Slip Slide Tester is a microprocessor-controlled tester designed to automatically perform GO/NO-GO and diagnostic tests on the General Electric 17FL54D1 & 17FL22A1 Wheel Slip Slide Control Panels. The tester receives its operating power from the Wheel Slip Panel test connector. The tester is lightweight, rugged, simple to operate and designed for use without the need for training.

Other Applications Testing

The click of a toggle switch is all that is required to “Power up” in Automatic Mode and begin the test sequence. The tester will then automatically conduct a series of self-tests and identify the Wheel Slip Panel it is connected to. At this point, a sequence of 30 individual functional tests will be performed within two (2) minutes. The functional sequence includes the following tests: Train Battery Voltage, Regulator Voltage, Axle Sensor Resistance, 21/17 Wheel Slip Frequency Combinations, Synchronous Slip and Speed Function Tests. At the completion of the test sequence, if all tests passed, a “System Passed” message will appear on the liquid crystal display. A blinking “System Failed” message will appear if a single test failed during the functional test sequence.

The tester is equipped with a manual mode that allows the operator to “one-step” through the entire test sequence.  This capability is used for troubleshooting cards, components and intermittent problems.


  • Used for “On-The-Train” Wheel Slip Slide System Tester.
  • Used for “bench testing” complete Wheel Slip Panels or Card screening.
  • Verifies the ability of a GE Wheel Slip Panel to correctly respond to all Axle Slip & Slide combinations.
  • Provides an immediate capability to fault isolate defective cards.


  • Ease of use, microprocessor controlled, single switch operation
  • Portable, rugged, lightweight, moisture resistant
  • Large liquid crystal display
  • Individual and functional group test in progress status
  • Short circuit axle protection circuitry
  • Manual test capability for “on-the-train” and “in-the-shop” troubleshooting


  Depth:   254 mm (10 in.)
  Height:   152 mm (6 in.)
  Width:   330 mm (13 in.)
  Weight   3.2 kg (7 lb.)


Catalog Number 06-11

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