Pendulum Impact Tester


The new 43-76 Pendulum Impact Tester uses a high resolution optical encoder and state-of-the-art data acquisition software to determine the impact resistance of rigid materials like plastic in accordance with a wide variety of ASTM and ISO test standards for Izod, Charpy, Chip Impact, and Un-Notched Cantilever Beam testing.

ASTM D 256, ASTM D 4508, ASTM D 4812, ASTM D 6110, ISO 179, ISO 180
Plastic Testing
Plastics and Resins
Impact Testers, Strength

Introducing a BRAND NEW pendulum impact tester from Testing Machines, Inc., a leader in innovative testing instrumentation for all industries.

The model 43-76 features an improved touchscreen and software user interface, combined with a pneumatic clamp for accuracy and repeatability.  Interchangeable pendulums and specimen holders are available to measure the impact resistance of a variety of materials.  An easily-accessible polycarbonate shield ensures operator safety.

The 43-76 supports both Izod and Charpy test methods.  The results, i.e. strength, are presented on the color touchscreen after each test for quick and easy review.  This data can also be easily exported after testing for further analysis.

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  • Pneumatic clamp for superior repeatability
  • Data export options: USB flash drive, USB ESC/POS printer, RS232, GraphMaster™ software
  • Tool-less quick change hammers, swappable weights with ranges
  • 7" digital touchscreen display
  • Polycarbonate safety shield
  • Optimized center of percussion minimizes hammer vibration
  • Pneumatic hammer release and automatic brake
  • Supports classification of specimens according to failure category (full, partial, hinge and non-break)
  • Automatically calibrates and accounts for windage and friction
  • Sample tray catches and sorts tested specimens
  • Supports Izod and Charpy configurations
  • Multiple language support
  • Onboard statistics (average, min, max, standard deviation)


  • Selectable units: J/m, Ft·lb./in., Kg·cm/cm, Ft·lb/in², Kg·cm/cm², KJ/m²
  • Specimen width, height and thickness: Fully supports ASTM and ISO IZOD & Charpy
  • Selectable break type result: Complete, Hinge, Partial, Non-break
  • Output: USB, RS-232
  • Power: 120V/240VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Air: 100 PSI nominal - IG4 Instrument Grade Air (ISO Class 1-4-1)
  • Energy ranges: 1 joule to 22 joule (0.74 ft·lb to 16.2 ft·lb)
  • Dimensions: 36” x 20” x 38”
  • Weight (approx.): 235 lbs

Ordering Information

43-76 Izod Pendulum Impact Tester
Catalog Number: 43-76-01-0001
Includes Pneumatic Izod Clamp, Automatic Brake, Touchscreen Controller

43-76 Charpy Pendulum Impact Tester
Catalog Number: 43-76-01-0002
Includes Charpy Rests, Automatic Brake, Touchscreen Controller, ISO 179 Drop Height Available

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