PocketGoniometer PGX+


The Model 68-76 PocketGoniometer PGX+ is an electronic, video-based, contact-angle goniometer designed for quality control applications. To perform a measurement, simply place the portable instrument directly on the specimen and press “start.” No sample cutting or preparation is required, saving set up time and eliminating the need for sample manipulation.

From FIBRO System AB, a TMI Group of Companies brand.

ASTM C 813, ASTM D 5946, ASTM D 724, ASTM D 7334, ASTM D 7490, DIN 55660, ISO 15989, ISO 27448, JIS R 1703, TAPPI T 458, TAPPI T 558
Adhesive and Label Testing, Coating Testing, Film and Foil Testing, Ink and Printability Testing, Medical Product Testing, Package Testing, Paper and Tissue Testing, Plastic Testing, Surface Property Testing
Adhesives and Labels, Corrugated and Board, Inks and Coatings, Nonwoven and Textiles, Plastics and Resins, Tissue Paper
Contact Angle Testers, Porosity, Printability

The integrated pump delivers accurate droplets in steps of 0.5 µl and the built-in camera captures single droplet images to determine the static contact angle at “equilibrium” or a sequence of images to measure the dynamic wetting, rate of sorption and spreading as a function of time. The PGX+ software measures surface tension of the test liquid, calculates the surface energy of a solid and includes a report generator. The PGX+ is connected directly to the USB port of a laptop or a desktop computer.

The PGX+ is shipped in a carrying case complete with a User’s Manual, software for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 (32 and 64 bit), a calibration kit, spare pump tubing and a droplet dispenser.


  • PocketGoniometerSmall size - 90 (L) x 55 (W) x 90 (H) mm
  • Integrated camera - captures 80 images/sec (640x480 pixels)
  • Built-in pump - delivers precise droplets in 0.5 μl steps
  • Automatic Droplet Application - Static and Dynamic Mode
  • Runs on most PC & Laptops (USB)
  • Easy to install – no hardware to put inside computer!
  • User-friendly software for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 (32 and 64 bit)
  • Instrument software based on 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems
  • Complies with TAPPI T458, ASTM D-724, ASTM D-5946


  • Checks surface properties for contamination, adhesion and printability of metals, polymers,
    glass, paper, board and more
  • Portable and convenient; no sample cutting required
  • Measures static contact angle on non-sorptive surfaces
  • Measures dynamic contact angle as wetting, absorption and spreading over time
  • Measures surface tension; determined from the shape of a pendant droplet
  • Determines surface energy using one or more probing liquids

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