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Ink Rub Tester

Designed to measure scuffing or rubbing resistance. Several tests can be performed including dry rub-the amount of transfer ink from one dry surface to another, wet rub-the amount of transfer of ink from wetted surface to another, wet bleed or transfer-ink transfer to a water-saturated blotter, wet smear-similar to wet bleed with the addition or rub cycles, functional rub/wet rub-smear or transfer tests using a liquid other than water and hot abrasion. An optional heated weight provides a uniform test for evaluating "hot abrasion" resistance of printed cartons, rub test for labels etc.

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Taber Reciprocating Abraser

Test specimens are mounted to a sliding platform that moves in a horizontal, reciprocating motion under a stationary tool holder. A counterweight enables the operator to balance the test arm prior to applying the test load, thus ensuring the exact load will be applied. An adjustable gantry allows the test system to be positioned according to the height of the specimen. Test parameters such as stroke length, speed, and load are adjustable. Optional attachments provide versatility to satisfy numerous test requirements.



Taber Rotary Abraser

Taber abrading wheels produce characteristic rub wear action. Mounted to a rotating turntable, specimens are subjected to the rub-wear action of two abrasive wheels. Driven by the test sample, the wheels produce abrasion marks that form a pattern of crossed arcs over a circular ring approximately 30 square centimeters. This reveals abrasion resistance at all angles relative to the weave or grain of the material.



TABER® Multi-Finger Scratch and Mar Tester

The TABER® Multi-Finger Scratch and Mar Tester is used to measure the relative resistance or susceptibility of a material surface to scratching, marring, gouging, scraping, engraving and other similar physical damage not classified as ordinary wear.



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