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Bending Resistance Tester

Model 79-25 is a user-friendly microprocessor controlled instrument to determine the bending resistance of paper, paperboard, plastic film, medical tubing, and wire. Bending stiffness is a characteristic associated with the rigidity of a material. This property is related to the modulus of elasticity of the material's stiffness. Our Bending Tester was originally developed to produce a more concise, consistent measurement for the paper industry. This property is now used in a variety of industries including personal products, paper, flexible films, packaging and non-wovens.

From Messmer Büchel BV, a TMI Group of Companies brand.

Bending / Folding / Stiffness


Cold Flex Temperature Tester

Designed and built by Ray-Ran, the Cold Flex Tester determines how low temperatures affect the torsional stiffness properties of flexible materials, including polyvinyl chloride extrusion compounds, by measuring the temperature at which a test specimen is twisted through a known angular displacement using a pulley system by a specified torque. The apparatus complies with BS2782: Part 1: Method 104B, ISO458/1, 458/2 and ASTM D1043 International Test Standards.

Bending / Folding / Stiffness


Crease & Board Stiffness

Crease and Board Stiffness testing is useful to industries of carton board, paper, printing and packaging. The relationship between board stiffness and crease recovery (spring back) is an important factor in the performance of cartons on high speed packaging machines and in manual folding. It is crucial to have the creases in boards correct and uniform. The crease recovery (spring back) can result in forces, which distort the carton or cause stresses to be applied to closures, which reduce their effectiveness.

Bending / Folding / Stiffness


MIT Folding Endurance Testers

With this machine, a pliable specimen is placed under a constant tension load. The specimen is then folded to an angle of 135° in either direction, at the rate of 175 double folds per minute until the specimen is severed at the crease. A variable folding rate option allows the operator to vary the folding rate between 20 and 175 double folds per minute.

Bending / Folding / Stiffness


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