Heat Sealing

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Digital Heat Sealer SL-2

The SL-2 Digital Heat Seal Tester is a precision heat sealer designed to duplicate heated crimp seals for the flexible packaging industry.

Heat Sealing


Heat Sealer TS-12

The TS-12 is one of the most precise and consistent table top sealers available. The heat sealer is designed to produce heated crimp seals for flexible packaging materials. The digitally controlled heat sealer allows independent upper and lower seal jaw temperature and accurately controls the temperature across the entire length of seal.

Heat Sealing


Heat Sealer TS-4 with Interchangeable Seal Jaws

The TS-4 is a laboratory Heat Seal tester used to prepare heat seal samples for the measurement of sealing strength of flexible packaging films, film foil laminates, nonwovens and other substrates.

Heat Sealing


Hot Tack Tester & Seal Tester SL-10

The SL-10 Hot Tack Tester & Seal Tester, is the most precise and consistent heat seal tester in the packaging industry! Testing capabilities include: heat sealing, heat-seal testing and hot-tack testing. The SL-10 provides critical information needed to determine ideal sealing conditions for packaging films.

Heat Sealing


32-76e Coefficient Friction/Peel Tester

Testing Machines Inc., is globally recognized as the leading supplier of coefficient of friction instrumentation. Our NEW 32-76e coefficient of friction/peel tester uses advanced digital force signaling and high-speed data acquisition software to provide unmatched precision and repeatability in COF and peel testing. Improved features include a color touchscreen display and intuitive software user interface for easy navigation and test method storage. New peel testing capabilities include 180° peel and T-peel measurements.

Heat Sealing


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