Internal Bond

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Lab Master® Z-Directional Tensile Tester

The measurement of Z-Directional tensile strength was developed to determine the structure of a sheet of paper or board when subjected to tensile stresses in the out-of-plane direction or Z-Direction. Z-Directional Tensile Strength is a measure of the internal fiber bonding strength of a substrate.

Internal Bond


Internal Bond Tester and Prep Station

The Internal Bond™ Tester is designed to determine the internal bond strength of a variety of Paper and Board materials according to TAPPI T 569. The instrument design is based on a falling pendulum which creates a high speed impact on a paper specimen. The paper specimen is sandwiched between two double-coated tape substrates. The pendulum impact measures the total energy required to delaminate the internal fibers of a specimen in a “Z” type direction into two separate piles. The system also incorporates an automatic sample preparation station which allows five specimens to be accurately prepared simultaneously. The Prep Station requires a filtered air supply meeting IG4 Industrial Grade Air: ISO Class 1-4-1.

Internal Bond


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