Appita/AS 1301.430s

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Compression Tester

Designed in close cooperation with industry, the 17-76 Compression Tester is rugged enough for any production testing environment. Utilizing intuitive hardware features and menu-driven software, the 17-76 is designed to provide highly accurate measurement of compressive strength for a variety of materials.

Appita/AS 1301.430s


Corrugated Test Accessories

Accessories for the Compression Tester 17-76: Use the ECT fixture to turn the 17-76 or other units into a full edge crush tester, then switch it out with the RCT to turn it into a ring crush tester. See other fixture options below for flat crush testing, pin adhesion, etc. Then contact TMI for a price on any unit or talk to someone about your application.

Appita/AS 1301.430s


Crush Tester

The Crush Test is designed as a robust, easy to-use instrument. Exactly what you need when performing crush tests. The Crush Tester is suitable for a wide variety of samples, including corrugated board, tubes, paper and plastics. The special sample holders extend the instrument’s possibilities. The accuracy is achieved with a precision load cell, which is even accurate at low force values.

From Messmer Büchel BV, a TMI Group of Companies brand.

Appita/AS 1301.430s


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