ASTM D 1238 Method A

TMI has currently has three ASTM D1238 melt flow indexers as well as older models used for the more common method A which it can provide calibration services for. 

In buying these units from third parties be careful that they are either from a major manufacturer or that the company is accredited to repair them.  TMI can provide calibration services for units made by many manufacturers: Tinius Olsen, Haake, Dynisco, CEAST, Atlas and of course its own: See this page for info and contact information around the US or internationally. Repairs can depend on part availability from the manufacturers. 

Also see the ASTM D1238 part of TMI's A2LA accreditation PDF for calibration services:  It can calibrate for temperature, bore and piston diameters, mass, ie lineght, and piston land length.

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Basic Melt Flow Indexer

The Basic Melt Flow Indexer, often abbreviated as "MFI", is an affordable-price tabletop instrument used to test the melt flow resistance (MFR) of a wide range of thermo-plastic materials. The tester conforms to all National and International melt flow resistance standards, including BS EN ISO 1133 and ASTM D1238. Any temperature within 120°C-450°C (248°F-842°F) can be accurately controlled.

ASTM D 1238 Method A


Standard Melt Flow Test Equipment

The 6MBA is the standard model for sale within the Ray-Ran Range of Melt Flow Test Equipment. The manually operated test procedure is very simple. Molten Polymer is extruded through a closely controlled orifice (die) from the apparatus using pre-set conditions of temperature and pressure produced by a dead weight system. The extruded polymer is cut off manually and is then weighed. Using the time interval to extrude the polymer its flow rate over 10 minutes can easily be determined, thus giving the Melt Flow Index (MFI) or Melt Mass Flow Rate (MFR) in g/10 min. By conducting a simple density test at test temperature on the same material using the same pre-set conditions and a known piston travel distance the Melt Volume Rate (MVR) can also be determined.

ASTM D 1238 Method A


Advanced Melt Flow System

The 6MPCA is the most advanced digital model offered within the Ray-Ran range of melt flow index testers. The operating procedure is simple to undertake using its on-board advanced microprocessor technology. The large LCD provides onscreen instructions, reducing user error, and test parameters are easily entered via the keypad. The apparatus can accurately determine results for MFR, MVR and Density at test temperature.

ASTM D 1238 Method A


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