ASTM E 1164

ASTM D1164 certified calibration services and product sales for spectro slide sphere gloss testers

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Preventative Maintenance & Calibration

PM&C is on-site maintenance and calibration service, available on a regular schedule, for your test instruments. Wherever you are located, it is a practical, cost-effective way to make sure your instruments maintain proper working performance.

ASTM E 1164


Spectro-Guide Sphere Gloss

The new spectro-guide S family offers improved technical performance for 60° gloss in the low gloss range 0 - 10 GU. The excellent repeatability of ± 0.1 can be guaranteed due to a patented calibration procedure. In addition, the spectro-guide S spectrophotometer offers unique benefits to always guarantee precise results.

ASTM E 1164


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